Chemical Water Treatment


Cooling Towers

CORE Water has a range of environmentally acceptable treatment technology, the principals of which are accepted worldwide.

The specific type of treatment selected depends on -

  • Cooling duty of water
  • Cooling Water discharge limits
  • System Metallurgy

The choice for your plant will be made after carefully profiling the cooling water operation and make up water quality.

The ongoing challenges of all industrial cooling water programs are to provide chemical treatment programs that will maintain –

  • Deposit free heat transfer surfaces.
  • Acceptable industry standard corrosion rates
  • Scale free heat transfer services
  • Bacterial management that comply with Australian or site standards while minimising water and energy consumption.

Our Technical Specialists will work with your team to select and implement the most effective program & monitoring systems centred at keeping you on the "cutting edge" of technology. We will work with you to develop process improvements that will strive to continually save on operating costs.

Industrial Cooling Tower - River water used as make up, treated with scale and corrosion inhibitors and oxidising biocides, discharge is to River way
Industrial Cooling Tower, duty is scrub organic contaminants from factory streams, tower discharge is environmental ponds, water brought back in for reuse.
Cooling Tower Chemicals preferably are delivered in semi bulk to minimise handling.

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