Specialised Chemical Cleaning


Commissioning, Cleaning & Passivation

Employee and customer safety is our number one goal in any chemical cleaning exercise & we know that all injuries are preventable.

We continually train all Supervisors & Technicians to ensure a safe work environment each and every job. Complex industrial plants generally need to be cleaned & prepared for plant service, this enables long term reliable operation.

Cleaning processes CORE are involved with include:

  • removal of corrosion product HP steam lines to turbines to minimise steam blows
Figure 1 – Nitric Acid Plant waste heat boiler / steam lines cleaned & passivated using Citrosolve process.
Figure 2 – Mobilised plant includes LP boilers/air compressors/pumps/iso tankers.

Figure 3 - chemical cleaning in progress with high vis signage, hoses and roped off areas – focus has to be on job being completed safely.
Figure 4 - Before and after comparison of small bore compressor lines cleaned using the citrus solvent process.

  • removal of corrosion product/debris suction side gas compression units
Figure 5 – HP hydrogen compressor clean set up
Figure 6 - HP hydrogen compressors (2) cleaned/passivated to remove corrosion product before commissioning.

  • removal of oil and grease medium to high pressure steam plant prior to commissioning 
  • removal of corrosion product steam lines prior to commissioning
  • removal of oil and grease/passivation stainless steel vessels and pipework prior to commissioning

Once the work to be completed is understood & all necessary risk assessments & preparation completed, manpower, chemicals and equipment are mobilised to sites where the clean & passivation process begins. This involves however is not limited to:

  • the use of specialised pumps/tanks/hoses
  • site preparation of cleaning/passivation solutions as required
  • testing & recording cleaning/passivation solutions to ensure correct qualities maintained at all times
  • thorough washing/flushing of circuits as required
  • collecting and correct disposal of cleaning solution to comply with site waste plans
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