Employee and customer safety is our number one goal in any chemical cleaning exercise & we know that all injuries are preventable. We continually train all Supervisors & Technicians to ensure a safe work environment each and every job.

Tanks & Vessels plus associated pipe work are cleaned at industrial complexes for a variety of reasons, maintenance, mothballing or decontamination.

Once the work to be completed is understood & all necessary risk assessments & preparation completed, manpower, chemicals and equipment are mobilised to sites where the clean & passivation process begins. This involves however is not limited to:

  • the use of specialised pumps/tanks/hoses
  • site preparation of cleaning/passivation solutions as required
  • testing & recording cleaning/passivation solutions to ensure correct qualities maintained at all times
  • thorough washing/flushing of circuits as required
  • collecting and correct disposal of cleaning solution to comply with site waste plans


Figure 1 – Column, pipe work and HE needed to be cleaned of corrosion product and fluoride irons before being replaced.
Figure 2 - Chemical Cleaning system, CORE has access to various pump drives to suit customer requirement, pumps above are diesel.
Figure 3 - Chemicals delivered in recyclable 1000 L pods.

Figure 4 -Things don't always go exactly as expected, column inspection point leaked, agreed action was for plant operations personnel to continually wash leak to ground.
Figure 5 - Waste & leaks are captured and neutralised in sight neutralisation pits before disposal in line with site waste management plans.
Figure 6 - Workers taking a well-deserved rest after a hard day in B class chemical resistant clothing.

Decontamination / Maintenance

Figure 1 - It all begins with a plan, removal of HF/iron Fluorides from an Alkylation plant prior to major shut.
Figure 2 - Focus on safe working conditions – work area signposted with high vis boards.
Figure 3 - Dual pumps plus an additional standby required for critical circuit cleans.

Figure 4 - pump pressure required up to 800 kPa for cleaning solution to reach the top of vessels.
Figure 5 - Hard run pipe in hi vis colour
Figure 6 - Flex line in hi vis sleeves, pressure tested to 1200kPa.

Figure 7 - Balance tanks, hide these pipework, high vis scaffolding all designed to make a safer workplace.
Figure 8 - Chemicals delivered in bulk trucks & trailers to avoid physical handling & reduce the risk of contact with workers.
Figure 9 – Work area, high vis hard run & temp pipework

Figure 10 – ALL Waste collected in site neutralisation pits for treatment
Figure 11 – Waste treated with various salts to precipitate solids promoting settling before supernatant taken from top of basin & disposed of on site, solids removed form base of basins & treated further off site in this case.
Figure 12 – All test work to manage such operations can be completed by CORE on customer’s sites so results / retests can be checked at any time. All records are available for site people to review at any time & full procedural reports are issued at the completion of each & every job.

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